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The Kenny Clamp, grounding and bonding connector, bonds the grounding electrode conductor to panelboards, switchboards, cutout boxes, metallic conduit, boxes and transformer enclosures.

• 110.3(B) Installation and Use
Listed and Labeled for the application

• 110.12 Mechanical Execution of Work
Meets the requirements for closing of unused openings in enclosures.

• 110.14 Electrical Connections
Kenny Clamp® is listed for copper conductors for grounding and bonding, other connectors not meeting the standard (ROMEX) that
are used are not listed for grounding and have dissimilar metals.

• 250.4(A)(1) Electrical systems that are grounded shall be connected to earth in a manner that will limited the voltage imposed by lightning, line surges, or unintentional contact with higher-voltage lines and that will stabilize the voltage to the earth during normal operation. ( Listed Fittings will limit sideflash NFPA 780 Lightning Protection)

• 250.8 Connection of Grounding and Bonding Equipment Grounding and bonding conductors are required to be installed with a listed fitting.

• 250.64(B) Securing and Protection from Physical Damage
Provides proper strain relief required by the UL/ANSI Standards
UL 467 Grounding and Bonding and UL 486A for Connectors, see
Annex A, NEC.

• 250.64(E) Enclosures for Grounding Electrode Conductors
Using a rigid coupling and a Kenny clamp®, one can bond both ends of a raceway without bending the conductor through a lug connected to a bond bushing.

• 300.15 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, or Fittings – Where Required Fittings and conductors shall be used for the specific wiring method for which they are designed.

• 312.5(A) Openings to Be Closed. Openings through which conductors enter cabinets, cutout boxes and meter enclosures shall be adequately closed.

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Kenny Clamp Presentation
All Service rated Panel boards, Pad Mount and Dry Type Transformer
Installations are
NOT being installed
meeting the minimum NEC

The Kenny Clamp is the ONLY UL Listed connector for bonding and grounding of electrode conductors in panel boards, Pad Mount, Dry type Transformers,
metallic raceways and

Install Kenny Clamp through a ½” Knockout with paint removed, tighten the steel locknut, insert grounding
electrode conductor through the Kenny Clamp, and tighten the compression nut.
Your installation is NOW CODE COMPLIANT.

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