New Additions for M & W
  Intersystem Bonding Bridge

Conductor Range:
6-2AWG Grounding Electrode Conductor
14-4AWG Bonding Conductors (four)

High-strength Extruded Aluminum body that is tin-plated for maximum conductivity.

Polycarbonate cover can be painted!

Stainless Steel Hardware

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Floor or Stud Mount Cable Dispenser

All Steel Construction
Premium Powder Coated Finish
Easy Loading, Dispensing and Changing of Armored Cable (BX/MC) or NM-B
Easy Assembly! NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!

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M & W Introduces the Kenny Clamp
The only UL Listed Connector that will insure grounding electrode condustor installations are code compliant!!!

All Service rated Panel boards, Pad Mount and Dry Type Transformer Installations are NOT being installed meeting the minimum NEC requirements!!

The Kenny Clamp is the ONLY UL Listed connector for bonding and grounding of electrode conductors in panel boards, Pad Mount, Dry type Transformers, metallic raceways and enclosures.

Install Kenny Clamp through a Knockout with paint removed, tighten the steel locknut, insert grounding electrode conductor through the Kenny Clamp, and tighten the compression nut.

Your installation is NOW CODE COMPLIANT.

The Kenny clamp also saves Time & Money verses current NON- compliant methods!

Wire Sizes

#1/0 KC1AST
#2/0 KC2AST
#2 KC2ST
#3/0 KC3AST
#4 KC4ST
#6 KC6ST
#8 KC8ST
#4 KC4SO
#6 KC6SO
#8 KC8SO


Meets UL 467 requirements for bonding and grounding.

Meets UL 486A standards for connectors.

Complies with 110.3(B) and 250.8 NEC, using a listed grounding or bonding connector for the proper application.

Complies with 250.64 (E) NEC when entering and exiting metallic raceways and enclosures.

Assures good metallic connection and low impedance path for grounding and bonding of electrical equipment.

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Installation Instructions for Kenny Clamp

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Additional Items Available
New items listed in our current catalog!
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JRD New Direct Burial Ground Clamp
New JRD Grounding Clamp is a tremendous labor saver, and extremely versatile.

Wire Range:
10 Sol - 2 Str.

Pipe Range:

Rebar Range:
3/8 1

Ground Rod Range:

Mechanical connection/Splice:
Two #8 Sol.

Configure any job in 1/3 the time by presetting clamps with lay-in feature.

Constructed from Bronze Alloy and Stainless Steel Screws for Direct Burial.
New JRD Ground Clamp allows the Electrical Distributor and the Contractor to combine FOUR clamps into ONE!
It eliminates:
1)Rebar clamp
2)Clamp w/steel screws
3)Clamp w/brass screws
4) Clamp with bronze or stainless steel screws for direct Burial.

Only a few feet of ground wire left on your roll? No worries -
The JRD is UL Listed for mechanically connecting 2 #8sol. Wires also!

Listed for Direct Burial in Earth & Concrete

No need to carry all those different combinations on your shelf or truck!

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Now In Stock
The new Ground Rod Clamp is a Combination Ground Rod clamp for Direct Burial, UL Listed for ALL sizes and Wire Ranges as follows:

Rod Size Wire Range
3/8 10 sol. 1/0str.
(3/8 not recognized/Listed by UL)

1/2 10 sol. 1/0str.

5/8 10 sol. 1/0str.

3/4 8 sol. 1/0str.

Constructed from Bronze Alloy and High Performance Stainless Steel Bolt for Direct Burial.

Can withstand over
300in.-lbs. Of Torque!

*Economy *Standard Duty
*Heavy Duty *Extra Heavy Duty

It fits ALL Sizes 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4
It Takes ALL Wire Ranges
Can withstand over 300in.-lbs. Of Torque

Listed for Direct Burial in Earth & Concrete

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APWA Detectable & Non-Detectable Tape
Yellow = Gas
Orange = Fiber Optic/Telephone
Blue = Water
Red = Electric
Green = Sewer
Purple = Reclaimed Water

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Barricade Tape
All Legends Available

3" X 1000'
3" X 300'

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Electrical Tape & Duct Tape
3/4 x 60 Black Electrical Tape
2" x 60' Black Electrical Tape (48 Per Case)
3/4 x 60 Color Electrical Tape
10 Rolls per Sleeve

Yellow, white, red, blue, green, purple, brown, gray & Orange

2 x 60 yards Silver Duct Tape
24 Rolls per Case

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